Just when you thought...


Just when you thought it was safe...


Karl Fernando

Hi Peeps!
First off, thank you for just taking the time to have a look at my site. The support I get from everybody that visits the site, shares it with others, comments of encouragement and love keeps this train a rolling. I started this production company on a whimsy, a throw away thought that had it been on any other night, I'd most likely not be sitting here typing this out.
It's an amazing feeling when you realise a passion for something that you've taken for granted for many years. I grew up on a healthy dose of reading 90's issues of  Marvel Comics, watching classic slasher movies and getting into arguments with friends about whether or not Predator could kill James Bond (Predator all the way!). I still love reading comics, watching films and getting into meaningless arguments with friends. These things don't mean much to most people and that's fine but they mean something to me and hopefully, if I've done my art well, they'll mean something to anybody who comes here. Art should transcend you, take you out of your head if only for a moment and move you. It can be a photograph of the starry night sky where you ponder the infinite, it could be that film that you put on to see familiar faces where the good guy always wins and the world makes sense for a little while or the comic book story world you escape into where mere mortals stand shoulder to shoulder with gods! These are just some of the reasons I like doing this and I want others to experience it too. I hope my passion and love can inspire others to chase their whimsy.
As the great Bill Hicks would say "It's just a ride and we can change it anytime we want. It's only a choice." Words to live by kids.

Karl Fernando





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