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Superhero Open Letters

I didn’t want be a writer all my life, like some, I only really wanted to be an artist or at least thought I could be one in the past four years and if I’m really being honest only thought I’d be a somewhat decent writer in the past year. I knew this journey I was on would be tough. Almost every book or piece of literature on the creative arts mentions how hard it will be trying to be a working artist, not to mention every second person you confide your dream in feels the uncontrollable urge to enlighten you to that fact. I’m not a working artist, in the sense that somebody pays me to create but I am an artist that works.

I love superheroes and find myself on a daily basis wondering about their lives (weird! I know). And I’ve become frustrated with the long process (for me) of writing. So I thought of a way to put both of these things to good use. Superhero Open Letters.

S.O.L’s are just a way for me to have fun, work out some emotions that I’ve been going threw, try to get closer to characters that have changed my life, and all the while becoming a better writer.

These short pieces are from the perspective of the heroes alter egos. I’m really trying to gravitate towards aspects that most people wouldn’t attribute to these characters or even think they’d feel these emotions. It’s also come about from an increasing frustration of the cacophony that passes as “fan” dialogue.

These are ultimately fan fiction pieces. I hope these short open letters open up dialogue with others like me about characters we love in a civil way and for me to workout emotions in my own life. They’re not meant to change the world, make a profit, get me a job or save the planet. They’re just here to have some fun. Pure fun.

I hope you all enjoy!


This Open Letter came about from a simple premise, Bruce Wayne is the mask of Batman. Not the other way around. Batman, the character, is a phenom. Outside of religion and the Superman insignia, his is amongst the most recognisable in the world and therefore means something different to every person that admires the character. For me when I think of Batman I don’t think of a certain actor or one interpretation, I think about a time period, for me he is always the optimal human. The peak Batman. The man that has a contingency for every eventuality, every possible scenario, he is so far ahead of everybody else that life almost seems boring. He is the one man that is good enough to stand shoulder to shoulder with Gods.

So how do you get to that point? You make mistakes and you consistently question your actions. Weighing the cost and dealing with the consequences as the arise or before.

This is precisely a year into Batman operating in Gotham. It’s Batman using his mask as Bruce to deceive the people that think they have figure it out and have them second guessing there assumptions. After all, he is a master of deception so what better way than to write a scathing letter blasting Batman’s actions along with all of Gotham. This is Bruce fighting back, keeping Batman in check and making sure that Batman’s actions are not exacerbating Gotham’s already crime riddled streets. Well it’s how I think he’d do it anyway…

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This story has been on my mind for years. I’ve always felt that although Superman is from another planet, being raised by two humans he is fundamentally human. When you think about it it’s his ultimate source of strength while being his biggest weakness.

Like most people I’ve had (still do) my battles with depression and known people that fight it daily and also knew people that have lost the battle with it. I feel it’s a necessary aspect of being human. Maybe I’ve come to that conclusion as a means of dealing with it, I don’t know but I’m by no means trying to diminish anybody else’s struggles with depression. I also look to superheroes regularly as a source of strength and use them as a moral compass.

Keeping those two thoughts in mind a question came rushing into my mind…

How would Superman deal with depression?

Which lead to even more questions!

Is Superman even capable of feeling depression?

If he really is the Super-MAN, then are his emotions heightened like his strength, speed, hearing, sight?

How does Superman deal with knowing he can’t save people from themselves?

This story takes place maybe a year or so into Superman revealing himself to the world. He has just watched a man, a good man, shoot himself. Failing to stop him in time. This is how I feel Superman or more Clark would deal with the emotions afterwards… like any good writer. He bleeds on the page.

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