Just when you thought...

Superhero Open Letters

I didn’t want be a writer all my life, like some, I only really wanted to be an artist or at least thought I could be one in the past four years and if I’m really being honest only thought I’d be a somewhat decent writer in the past year. I knew this journey I was on would be tough. Almost every book or piece of literature on the creative arts mentions how hard it will be trying to be a working artist, not to mention every second person you confide your dream in feels the uncontrollable urge to enlighten you to that fact. I’m not a working artist, in the sense that somebody pays me to create but I am an artist that works.

I love superheroes and find myself on a daily basis wondering about their lives (weird! I know). And I’ve become frustrated with the long process (for me) of writing. So I thought of a way to put both of these things to good use. Superhero Open Letters.

S.O.L’s are just a way for me to have fun, work out some emotions that I’ve been going threw, try to get closer to characters that have changed my life, and all the while becoming a better writer.

These short pieces are from the perspective of the heroes alter egos. I’m really trying to gravitate towards aspects that most people wouldn’t attribute to these characters or even think they’d feel these emotions. It’s also come about from an increasing frustration of the cacophony that passes as “fan” dialogue.

These are ultimately fan fiction pieces. I hope these short open letters open up dialogue with others like me about characters we love in a civil way and for me to workout emotions in my own life. They’re not meant to change the world, make a profit, get me a job or save the planet. They’re just here to have some fun. Pure fun.

I hope you all enjoy!